A spectre is haunting WordPress…

… The spectre of Plato’s Café.

Welcome to Plato’s Café, and thank you for coming.

Would you like to try the Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Hegel? Or a Plate o’ Fish and Chips? We have a dessert with Kant-aloupe melon, Anscombe other fruit in it too. Or, perhaps, just a cup of tea and some Hobbes-nobs?

I’m sorry. It won’t always be like this – although, philosophy food puns are quite good fun.

Things you can expect, aside from ‘Smoked Sartre-dines on Toast’ quips (too much of a stretch?), on this blog are as follows; book reviews, essays, provocative ramblings, arguments and postulations. Things of that variety, at least.

I’d like my posts to start a discussion – the Internet, so I’m told, is full of people with opinions on things, who like to share them – and in the spirit of a true philosophical (not necessary Socratic) dialogue, it would be interesting to see where the conversation takes us, when searching for some sense of truth. It goes without saying that these discussions should be sensible and not in any way vicious. The ad hominem fallacy is not welcome, please leave your ad hominems (ad homeni?) at the door. All other fallacies are welcome (because sometimes formal logical and argumentation is hard), as long as you don’t mind being told about them.

Posts might not necessarily be restricted to strictly philosophy; politics could also play a part, and we may stray into economics from time to time. Exactly where one starts and the other begins is, of course, up for debate.

In fact, maybe that would be a good place to start…



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