Hello there! I am a graduate philosophy student from the UK, and I am the founder of Plato’s Café.

Over the past few years, I have read and written quite a bit of philosophy, as you might imagine. It seemed a shame not to be able to share this, my thoughts on books, events, and ideas, and so… Plato’s Café was born! I have a particular interest in ethics, and you will likely see this reflected in the kind of content posted. However, as are we all, I am constantly trying to develop my interests and skills, so you’ll probably also come across a veritable hodge-podge of other posts too.

All posts on the blog are written by my own fair hand. These include but are not limited to; essays, arguments, opinion pieces, and reviews. Of course, there is also the Philosophy in 500 weekly series, which was started in May 2018 as a way to attempt to simplify difficult (sounding) philosophical concepts into accessible chunks of information. Philosophy in 500 will appear on your timeline every Wednesday evening, just like magic.

The name is a not-so-clever- pun on the well known allegory of Plato’s Cave, but caves are dark and dirty and I like green tea, so a cafe seemed like a much more reasonable venue for philosophical discussion.

You can find all contact details here, if you’d like to get in touch to know more.