After completing my undergrad degree, I was facing a cold, dull world without routine, systematic injections of philosophy. That didn’t seem fun.

Plato’s Café was created to ensure a platform to share and discuss ancient and modern philosophy – and everything inbetween.

The name is a take on the well known allegory. I thought, “Hey, rather than escaping Plato’s Cave to be blinded by the light of the world, and then returning to ridicule, mockery and more blindness (none of which sounds particularly fun) – why not just have a coffee and talk about philosophy and politics and junk?” So that’s the plan.

As a student with a keen interest in pursuing philosophy (I will be starting a Masters next year) I look forward to sharing some other really cool and accessible sites, dedicated to philosophy.

To begin with, I imagine this will be a platform exclusively dedicated to my own work. But, who knows, maybe we’ll see contributors one day too.