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Welcoming… Philosophy in 500!

What is Philosophy in 500? Philosophy is the kind of activity, and field of study, that does not provide much in the way of an outward façade of laboriousness, and as a result (I have found, in my personal experience) many people who are not familiar with the philosophical method consider it to be pretty… Continue reading Welcoming… Philosophy in 500!


Philosophy and Politics

Understanding the relationship between philosophy and politics is, for me, one of the most interesting discussions to be had. So perhaps this makes it an appropriate starting point for Plato’s Café. When one studies philosophy at undergraduate level (perhaps other levels too, I never studied philosophy academically before my degree), one is often told that… Continue reading Philosophy and Politics


A spectre is haunting WordPress…

... The spectre of Plato’s Café. Welcome to Plato’s Café, and thank you for coming. Would you like to try the Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Hegel? Or a Plate o' Fish and Chips? We have a dessert with Kant-aloupe melon, Anscombe other fruit in it too. Or, perhaps, just a cup of tea and some Hobbes-nobs?… Continue reading A spectre is haunting WordPress…